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Vito Bobek

Today, we need to develop or acquire knowledge that will prepare us for tomorrow. In doing so, we have to be innovative and different.


Do you have a local representative in Kenya?

Unilink Education provides assistance with information and application to DOBA Faculty online Master’s Programme International Business Management candidates from Kenya.
For information on programme and assitance in application process please contact or visit UNILINK, 9th Floor Fortis Tower Woodvale Grove, Westlands, Nairobi or via phone +254 738 444 244.

DOBA's Alumni, Melika Jovanović who's living in Nairobi can be also reached via email: or via phone + 254 72 410 68 86

Slovenia – A Story of Success and Happiness

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Slovenia is a small European country, a member of the European Union. It's located in the heart of Europe. It touches the Alps and borders the Adriatic see. Its neighbouring countries are Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. It has a population of 2.05 million. The capital and the largest city is Ljubljana, the second largest is Maribor, the city where DOBA has its headquarters. Feel free to have a look at the video of Maribor.